About Thailand Ridgeback


Thai Ridgeback (TRD abbreviated from the English - Thai Ridgeback dog) - notorious for fierce guardian who belongs to several hundred-year-old dog. The most commonly used for hunting dogs originated from the eastern part of Thailand. Thai Ridgebacks were also used to guard. Due to poor road infrastructure in the eastern part of Thailand, which complicated the cross-pollination with other varieties of options, this breed for centuries remained almost unchanged.

Thai Ridgeback - a medium-sized athletic dog with short velvet, straight hair, which forms the ridges on the back. The ridge must be clearly defined. Ridge shape and size can be varied, but the mark that is the dog in the back, must be symmetrical in relation to the spine. According to breed standards, Thai Ridgebacks are four colors: red, black, blue and very pale yellowish brown ("creamy" color ). Males - 56-61 cm, females - 51-56 cm.
They have well-developed muscles and strong physique. Anatomical structure is suitable for an active dog activities.

Thai Ridgeback - self-confident, dignified, alert and intelligent. Very clean, do not smell the dog tends to protect its territory. The dog is very cautious, rarely gets into the car accident. Thai Ridgeback - very quiet dog, who growl only in exceptional cases. The dog is very gentle, but gently treats strangers, so early socialization is essential to prevent later aggressive with strangers. A strong, active, Bouncy dog positively motivating easily trained. Thai Ridgeback - a loyal family dog.



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